What to Expect

Come to our fun and friendly classes to learn to social dance Sensual Bachata (also known as Bachata Moderna).

At every Bachata Fix venue we encourage plenty of Bachata social dancing, the best way to practice and improve.

It’s also good for team-building and self-development so why not give it a try?

The Lessons

We teach you the individual steps then build the steps into a routine with a partner to use in social dancing. Our teachers aim to build your confidence and have you up and dancing sensual Bachata very quickly with a good foundation and understanding of the concepts.

To get you started in this style of dance, we offer a rolling 6 week Introductory Bachata Sensual Course which you can join at any time, with or without previous dance experience, as follows:

Lesson 1Basic Steps & Hip Technique
Lesson 2Turn Patterns
Lesson 3Footwork Variations 1
Lesson 4Footwork Variations 2
Lesson 5Walk-Through Turns & Slides
Lesson 6Reverse, Delayed & Flare Steps

Once completed the introductory course you are then invited to the next module where you can improve your learning with 12 more classes.

Lesson & Course Pricing

There are different ways to pay for our classes, you can turn up and pay for a single lesson (pay-as-you-go) or you can purchase an Introductory Course, a Block of Lessons or a Monthly Membership.

Students and Emergency Services receive a special discount. See our Pricing & Membership page for the latest pricing.

“I had a great time.. fantastic music.. I’ve done different dancing in the past but never anything like this!”

Listen to:  Phil Harrison Show, Saturday 23rd March 2019 (skip to 1:48:30)


Entertainment Reporter, BBC Radio Kent

Typical Format & Timings

7.00pmClub opens
7.00pm to 8.00pmSocial dancing for all
Private lessons encouraged with teachers
8.00pm to 9.00pm Group warm-up
Main group lessons with typically easier and harder level
9.00pmClass ends
Opportunity to record lesson
9.00pm to 11.00pmSocial dancing and more
11.00pmClub closes

Party nights and special events may have a different schedule.