Dance Classes in Maidstone

Learn to Dance Bachata

Learn to social dance Bachata Moderna in a structured way even if you have never danced before. Check out the latest dance craze – take your first step!

Beginners are absolutely welcome and you do not need to bring a partner, just make sure you read and understand our Code of Conduct.

Bachata Fix’s Lesson Structure

We have a unique lesson structure developed to accelerate your learning and understanding of Bachata Moderna.

Our weekly classes are structured to help people learn with Bachata moves broken down into levels and each lesson focuses on a single concept:

Lesson 1Basic Steps & Hip Technique
Lesson 2Turn Patterns
Lesson 3Footwork Variations 1
Lesson 4Footwork Variations 2
Lesson 5Walk-Through Turns & Slides
Lesson 6Reverse, Delayed & Flare Steps

For those who complete Level 1 course above, are then able to progress to Level 2 which include harder concepts.

Of course we also encourage plenty of Bachata social dancing throughout a typical club night which is the best way to learn to lead and follow, to see what works and what can be improved.

You can join any classes any time at any of our venues